March 2, 2021 LVGNH

A Path to Citizenship

Anyone who believes it’s possible to be too old to learn – or volunteer to teach English – need only look at Justina and Bob to know that is not so.

A native of Nigeria, Justina joined us about three years ago when a friend from the Meriden Senior Centerwho was a Literacy Volunteers studentconvinced her to apply. She has been working hard with us ever since. Her dream is to become an American citizen, and she carries her U.S. civics worksheets with her wherever she goes, so she can pull them out and study at any time and in any place. She is a woman of faith and is quick to credit God with her success and perseverance.

Justina has had several tutors over the years, and currently works with Bob, a veteran tutor of 14 years, who counts citizenship exam preparation among his tutoring specialties. Here they are reading “News for You,” a weekly newsletter geared toward English language learners and a favorite teaching tool of our tutors.

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