Literacy Volunteers of Greater New Haven (LV) helps adults overcome obstacles and achieve their goals with the transformative power of reading, writing and speaking English. Our dedicated staff and volunteer tutors offer free classes in these critical skills throughout the New Haven region, Meriden, Wallingford and the Naugatuck Valley.ย ย While the impact of the devastating pandemic changed us unimaginably, what has not changed is the fundamental importance of reading and writing, the ability to clearly communicate and comprehend the English language.It has not been an easy year for LV but nevertheless our adult students…
…acquired new jobs,
…passed their driving tests,
…improved their digital literacy, and
…some even became U.S. Citizens!As a program, where students are a diverse mix of American backgrounds and from over 70 different countries, we are so proud that we had 13 out of 15 in our Citizenship Class become US Citizens!What seemed so dismaying back in the spring of 2020 – remote learning – turned out to be a solvable problem with the energy and perseverance of our basic literacy and English language learners and tutors.LV provided a safe and welcoming forum in which adults could practice their reading as well as English language learning! Vital support from donors like yourself and the wider community will only bring LV closer to our goal where we “envision a future in which the power of literacy enables all adults to thrive in their communities”.Your financial contribution is critical! If your contribution is received before March 1, 2022, it will be partially matched through a State Department of Education grant.ย Become a “Partner In Literacy” as learning how to read and speak English is fundamentally a matter of survival!THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Support a FUTURE where everyone’s VOICE is heard


Literacy Volunteers of Greater New Haven has a decades-long legacy of supporting adults who want to improve their lives by learning literacy skills.

LV’s work is more critical now than ever in the midst of a public health emergency triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, in-person tutoring was suspended in March, but learning remotely has continued without pause. To ensure online classes become more widely available, LV’s priority is to provide a laptop to any student who needs one.

A gift is an investment with life-changing returns – and is deeply appreciated.


The power of literacy enables all of us to thrive!


Literacy Volunteers of Greater New Havenย stands with the Black Lives Matter movement to redress long overdue issues of social injustice and racial inequality and to promote a society that is fair and open to all.ย Our mission to transform lives through the power of literacyย is fundamentally based on removing barriers to education for any adult who seeks help. That goal, we believe, requires continued advocacy against systemic racism and economic privilege which, for too long, have denied the rights – and dreams – of people of color.ย 

ย  DONATE LVGNH_BLM_Images_square-04 Kusima ย 

Fortunately,” she says, “I heard about the ESL classes and they became my biggest helper. There I found people from different countries who had the same problems as I did.

ย ย ย 

Kusima, Student

Willie ย 

“That’s when I started to believe in love,” he says. “Now my life is bigger than that. So in my eyes, everybody believes you can do it. Just believe!”

ย ย ย 

Willie, Student

Bob ย 

Anyone who believes it’s possible to be too old to learn – or volunteer to teach English – need only look at Justina and Bob to know that that is not so.ย 

ย ย ย ย ย 

Bob and Justina, Tutor & Student


Click the image on the left to download and read the 2020 edition of Hear Our Voices, our annual student publication.

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