November 6, 2022 LVGNH

When I was a Child

Student: Cruz Bedoya
Country: Colombia
Tutors: Barb Levine and Todd Stone
Site: LV Gateway

I lived in Medellin Colombia in a neighborhood that called Los Alpes. It was a small neighborhood in that time. The road ended up in a stream and now does not have a bridge. The only car that frequented our neighborhood was my father’s car, so my brothers, my friends and I played in the road. We jumped rope, and my mother taught my friends and us to ride a bicycle. We played baseball and soccer in August and in
September my mother made kites. In December she made tissue paper globes and fly them.

On Saturdays my parents would invite some of our friends for a ride and we would go in my dad’s truck somewhere outside the city. They always looked for a place where we could run safely and close to a small river where we could swim. My dad used to make lunch (sancocho) soup with meat, potatoes, yucas, carrots, corn because he didn’t know how to swim so my mom who was a good swimmer took care of us.

Today I remember my father laughing all the time happy to see us be happy and my mother playing with us.

"Thank you to Literacy Volunteers, and thank you Barbara, thank you Todd, thank you all all the tutors that helped me to communicate better."

Cruz Bedoya

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