Partners in Literacy


Partners in Literacy

Reopening Plan


Beginning September 1, 2021


Safeguarding the health and safety of our students, volunteers, and employees is our highest priority.  

Therefore, LVGNH will require staff and volunteers to be vaccinated. LVGNH will offer in-person classes to vaccinated students. If tutors and students would like to return to in-person classes, LVGNH will ask for proof of vaccination. If students are not vaccinated or do not wish to share that information with us, LVGNH will continue to offer online classes. 

Regardless of vaccination status, should staff, tutors, or volunteers travel by airplane, a negative Covid-19 test will be required prior to returning to in person. Additionally, regardless of vaccination status, should staff, tutors, or volunteers be exposed to someone with Covid-19, a negative Covid-19 test (taken 3-5 days after exposure) will be required prior to returning to in person.

We are particularly concerned about tutors and students who are vulnerable and at-risk to the impact of COVID-19. All strategies will be explored to enable students to return to their tutoring classes in-person and/or online.  

LVGNH remains committed to contributing to the well-being of individuals and families with low literacy levels. We shall work alongside our partners for shared health and well-being for all. Please note that these guidelines are fluid and may be amended as circumstances change. Additionally, if a tutoring location requires additional protections, those will supersede the information below. 

General Requirements: 

Face Masks:

  • Face masks must completely cover nose and mouth.
  • Masks must be worn when entering and leaving offices and tutoring areas.

Social Distancing:

  • All must adhere to State mandated Social Distancing rules.  Please try to keep 6 feet between you and other people indoors.

Hand sanitizer

  • Usage is strongly recommended and as often as possible.

Sanitizing Equipment:

  • Users should wipe down their workspace before and after use.
  • Each user must sanitize shared office equipment (copier, printer, keyboard, restroom door handles) after each use.  Sanitizing supplies will be provided by LV.


  • All students, volunteers, and employees are urged to wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • All students, volunteers, and employees should stay home if they are not feeling well or if someone in their household is sick.
  • Stay in your own area as much as possible.